03 Dec

Save big buying refurbished Dell Precision machines from XSonly

Save over 50% on buying refurbished Dell Precision machines from XSonly.

Dell are one of the biggest suppliers of computers in the in the UK. They manufacturer a huge range of products for all needs. Their legendary Precision range is designed for professionals who need customization and performance. They are built with high end components to withstand heavy duty tasks such as CAD or data analysis. These components don’t come cheap, so the cost of a Precision machine can be high.

At XSonly.com we partner with Dell to bring you a range of the Dell Precision machines, in both laptop and desktop varieties. These Precision units are refurbished by Dell and offered with heavy discounts over the new price. The refurbished Dell Precision units are factory sealed with the same warranty as a new Dell Precision, typically 3 years Next Business Warranty. They come in excellent condition, generally Grade A or As new condition.

If we look at a current model for comparison, the Dell Precision T5820. Dell describe this model range as “Compact tower workstation for mission-critical performance and reliability”.

General Dell Precision T5820 Specification:

Intel Xeon W2102 processor, 32Gb DDR4 RAM, 512Gb SSD, AMD FirePro WX 2100 2Gb, 950W PSU, Windows 10 Pro installed. 3 year Dell NBD warranty.

Dell Price New: £2438 (including delivery & VAT)

Xsonly.com Price Refurbished £908 (including delivery & VAT)

So that’s a saving of over 63% on the new Dell price by buying a refurbished Dell Precision T5820 from Xsonly.

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